Our Business Intelligence solutions include analysis, design and implementation of end-to-end decision support solutions, such as:

  • Extract,
  • Load and Transform (ETL),
  • On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP),
  • Data Warehousing,
  • Business Intelligence (BI),
  • Executive Information Portals (EIP),
  • Executive Information Systems (EIS).

No matter what the latest buzzwords in the industry are, one thing is for certain: all decision support concepts revolve around efficiently managing the flow of information within your organization. This is what gives you your competitive advantage.

Our proven expertise covers the entire spectrum of data flow within your organization: from getting your data (raw data having little or no value) to understanding the information and distributing business knowledge - we turn data into opportunity.

  • Getting Your Data (ETL, ERP)
  • Understanding the Information (BI, Data Warehouse, OLAP)
  • Distributing Business Knowledge (Portals, EIS)

Our services include the analysis, product selection, implementation, and development of solutions that perfectly integrate the various elements of decision support systems.

Our expertise in data warehousing is based on:

  • A team of professionals who master the methodologies, technologies and best practices in data warehouse and business intelligence
  • Many years of experience in delivering multiple projects around the world
  • A support service that is adapted to your business, whether in terms of complete services, of help on demand or of outsourcing
  • Partnerships with leaders in technology such as Cognos, Oracle and


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